7 August 2009

Something Yum!

I have a gorgoeus new nephew. He's all wrinkly and looks like an old man but he is so gorgeous , gorgeous, gorgeous! Weighing a healthy 7lb and 10oz he arrived on Wednesday 5th at 10.16am by C-section (are you really supposed to be able to wiggle your feet once they've done an injection? No? Dr said that too....)

Anyway, I have some great pics of me, Andrea, Craig, Mum and Dad with the little cherub. Whenm I held him his little lip kept quivering and he kept shaking his leg. I assumed he was being cute and delicious for me and not wanting to be fed or pooing on me (happens all the times with my friend babies - big breasts? You must be lunch? No milk? Ok, I'll poo on you. Revenge is stinky) Brilliant!

I'm really happy and excited. Craig chaged his first nappy. When it came to the second he said he needed to go home........

Cottonwool weather

It's been a long time since I last posted. I've moved house (again), felt a bit sad (again), sort of moved on, eaten food, gone off food, cooked food and looked at food. All in all quite normal for a foodie. Oh and books, there have been a lot of books (Neil Perry's Balanace and Harmony is my most recent purchase).

As usual my food style is reflected by my emotions. Tired and worn out calls for spicyas hell south-east asian soup or cooking for the girls on a rainy summers night is home made fish and chips (tonights menu!)

I am so tired at the moment. This cotton wool weather (imagine if you were to chew cotton wool or when you pull it apart and you get that dull ripping sound pronounced fwwwppppddddduhhh) is a bit like when the snow makes the world silent and lonely. Except in summer it feels like a stock pot with no escape and we are all boiling to death like hibernating lobsters (cold from the freezer and thrown into a hot tub!) Maybe that's why I'm tired?

Hmmmm, I'm off to sunny Morrocco in September, I am so excited. You know why? Becuase finally, I will a) be somewhere else feeling better for the first time since you-know-who and b)loads of spices, olives and so forth to look/gawk/sample/taste/photograph. Heaven.....

My brother mentioned he went to Morrocco when I was a teenager. We were having dinner after the birth of my firt nephew Kieran on Wednesay 5th August (gorgeously somethingyum!) and he said 'euuuuggghh! They had those all over Morocco. I lost loads of weight the food was dreadful!' Lets face it, my brother is not the most of intrepid travellers!

Anyway, special post coming up..................