17 August 2007

I've been tagged - Fantastic Four!

I have been tagged! My first ever - how exciting. Nick at the tracing paper popped it over to me and I have to say I feel very excited. Not only because it's a tag for a meme and I have seen many of these in the blogging world and have always wondered about them, but because a fellow blogger actually knows that I exist! Now that is exciting - people, I live and love in the blogging world.

This one is apparently floating free in the blogospere with no apparent owner (forgive me if I am wrong). A list of other blogs can be seen at Nick's site with a break down of other people's answers.

Anyway, now that I am over the shock, let's rattle on with the meme.

4 jobs I’ve had

Youth Arts Development Manager - Current

Events Manager - ahhh , the celebrity lifestyle, how I love you but I did have to dress as a giant fish sometimes

Waitress - Goodwood was fun in the Cartier tent - pity I spilt red wine....a bottle over one of the revered guests and her posh outfit - also a hard partying life style - loved it when I was younger!

Odd foodie type jobs - oh ok, one was at Rank Hovis where I got to cook fab poached eggs, done properly. Tried it at home and exploded a pyrex dish on the hob adding a crunchy texture.... the other was a snack cook for a golf club,fab wolfing down bacon sarnies and banter with the golfers.

4 places I’ve lived
Ok, I haven't lived many places geographically but have travelled continents in personal experience with my various habitations:

Southampton - Student life and then a few years stint just living there

Filby in Norfolk - peaceful village with gentle rolling fields and leafy bridleways, and I worked in my local, fantastic!

With my boyfriend in Norwich - the first time I lived with someone, obsessed about food and he didn't always appreciate my cookbooks....

In Norwich - with a chica now and we are having fun as the girly housemates - she's German and nuts! It's all just fun and silliness like slagging off Big Brother and men! But, I am wanting to move to the tropics.....

4 places I’ve holidayed
Devon - I was 6 and got my brother in trouble for buying cider underage

Finland on a Scout Exchange - discovered fantastic bread and had to cook fish over an open fire

Thailand - twice and two totally different experiences, but consistently fantastic nosh. Discovered Kanom Krok and always look at Chez Pim to savour all the things I miss.

Benidorm - a place I was quite snobby about but was a gift from an ex. I was determined to sample fine tapas and recall being horrified at the plate of miserable and shocked fish on my boyfriends plate. Sidling a serviette dispenser between us, I ordered pizza......

4 favourite foods
Ohh lots of things, I'll plump for some of my faves from the last few days:

Home made pizza

Fresh fruit and deepest, darkest chocolate

Thai Food - especially Kanom Krok and a curry!

A Carvery

4 places I’d rather be

Somewhere sunny (hmmpff, where is the UK summer? Soggy strawberries are NOT nice)

Somewhere tropical - please, anywhere will do minust tropical spiders of course

In an events job

With any of my friends who make me laugh and shop at farmers markets!

4 bloggers to tag

Gosh, I feel a bit overawed by doing this. Sweaty palms and a bit of cheek are in place as I send this tag to some people who are blog gurus and known across the land - hope they don't mind but can I just say, I like your blogs! Leighbob won't care, he's my cookbook fiend! Now, as I have never done this before...how do I let people know?


I think I may have a recipe for that

A slice of Cherry Pie

Vicious Ange

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Julia said...

Hi Kat! Thanks very much for tagging me and your kind words!

I'd better get thinking!